About Our Products

Our Gold section encompasses two quality tiers. Products labeled Gold Filled boast a durability exceeding one year, while those designated Gold Overlay maintain a durability of up to one year.

Our gold-filled pieces consist of 5% 18K Gold (5 grams per kilo) and 3% (3 grams) for other gold-filled pieces. Gold plated items feature a gold content ranging from 1-2%.

The foundational material is Brass (copper and zinc). The amalgamation of gold content, base metal, and advanced protective coating technology contributes to the extended longevity of these items.

They are hypoallergenic and Nickel Free, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin. While they can be worn during showers, we advise against using them in pools or the ocean.

Our Gold-Filled Process:

  1.  Brass Base (30% zinc plus 70% copper).
  2.  Alkaline Copper.
  3. Acid Copper.
  4. Antiallergic.
  5. Pre Gold (24K Gold to avoid oxidation).
  6. Layer of 18K Gold.
  7. Final color (to standardize all merchandise with the same color, we use about half a gram of gold per kilo of merchandise).
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